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Frequently Asked Questions

What days are you open?

We are currently open for pick up and delivery Thursdays and Sundays.

What time is pick up open?

Orders can be picked up Thursday and Sunday from 6 am -10am. If you picked pick up and have not picked up by 10 am we will contact you to have your order delivered

How long are the meals good for?

Our meals are made fresh for every order, this helps insure you guys have the freshest meals possible. Fish meals should be consumed within 3 days of delivery, all other meals within 5 days.

How do I order meals if I have a diet program?

Helping clients with meals straight from a diet program is our jam! All you have to do is order a bulk meal program that fits how many meals you need. Shoot us a email vbfitfuel@gmail.com and send us either your diet program and tell us what meals and how many of each you need.